The Role of Knowledge of Foreign Languages in Viable Service Delivery in Academic Libraries: The Perspective of The French Language in Nigeria

Published: SEPTEMBER 2021


Shaibu, E. Haruna, Nathaniel, A. Agih & Helen Onoja

About Author(s):

French Department,

Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa

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This paper examines the role of French language and French materials in sustainable library services in Anglophone academic libraries like Nigeria’s. Due to the importance of French language in Nigeria, our institutions have been witnessing increase in the number of students in this field. Therefore, it is required that French language should have more recognition in terms of materials and personnel. This research which is based on the theory of social interaction by Jean Piaget and Lev Vygostky appealed to both primary and secondary sources of data. The researchers contacted related researches and also made a visit to kogi State College of Education, Ankpa’s library and had interaction with the staff. The purpose is to find out the level of competence of the college library staff in French language and to find out the condition of materials of French language in the library. The finding reveals that out of the 25 staff of the library, none could communicate in French. Also, the materials of French language (print and non-print) in the library are so scanty, not up to one percent of the materials available in the library. The few available materials of French language are archaic.  These have posed certain teaching and learning difficulties to learners of French as foreign language in Nigeria.

Keywords: academic library, library materials, French language, foreign language, library services.