Teaching French for Specific Purposes (FSP) in Polytechnics: A Tool for Meeting Current Economic Need

Published: September 2019

AuthorsJudith Adingwupu Ezeamaka & Nnamdi Jane C.

About Authors: Department of Languages. School of General Studies. Delta State Polytechnic

Department of Languages and Communication. School of General Studies. Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

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The paper attempts to x-ray the need for a new approach to the teaching and learning of French language in Nigerian polytechnics to meet current economic challenges.The only language whose learning comes in an offhand manner is the mother tongue also called the first language because nature endows the learner with inherent skills for its acquisition. Today, owing to history, Africans dissipate their energy in the learning of modern European languages to be able to fit into the global setting. Unfortunately, Nigerians in particular have laissez-faire attitude toward the learning of any language. No doubt, such indifferent behavior of not taking this noble project seriously makes the whole venture more laborious than it should be, even before it is embarked upon. The consequence is that we do not have so many good speakers of these languages in question, leading to the conclusion that most expressions being uttered by majority of the speakers are as ungrammatical as they are not communicating the appropriate and intended message. Therefore, there is need for new and more fascinating approach to the learning of a second language, and this is where French for specific purposes comes in.  The paper also suggests the study and mastery of French as a Second National language, the paper emphasises that a ‘second lingua franca’ must be brought to bear as one cannot detach language from the issue of economy. This is because language is the vehicle that carries all forms of information both verbal and non-verbal. Although French language has been declared as Nigerian’s second lingua franca after English language, the impact has not been felt. Hence, the paper recommends a thorough enforcement/implementation of all language policies especially, as it regards to the learning of French as a second National Language in order to meet up with the recent economic need bedevilling our dear nation.

Keywords: Language, economic implication, specific purposes.