Teaching and Learning of Nigerian Languages: Relevance, Challenges and Solutionss

Authors: 1Ali, Ahmadi Alkali. 2Ajibola Adebayo Lukman

1Department of Languages and Linguistics. Taraba State University, Jalingo.

2Department of Educational Foundations, College of Education, Zing. Taraba State

Published: January 2019

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Teaching and learning process in modern age has witnessed several approaches to the extent that electronic and computer-based instruction dominates classroom activities. For some authors, teaching in modern age cannot be done with traditional teaching approach- hence the need for teaching gadgets, whereas subject and or topic of instruction influence the medium of instruction in most cases.Trailing the divergent views, this paper emerged to examine the teaching and learning of native languages in Nigeria with great attention to its relevance, challenges and way forward. By and large, every state or region of this country is characterized by a particular language but there seems to be no growth recorded in the area of native language promotion. It is on this basis, the paper explicates the concept of native language and its significant role in Nigerian context. The paper unraveled factors affecting the growth of native language. Among others, it was recommended that sufficient qualified native language teachers be employed; and the paper concluded by emphasizing the need to cherish our cultural heritage and national prides because if we fail to blow our trumpet, nobody will blow it for us.

Keywords: Native language, importance, plight, solution, medium of instruction