Supremacy of Idealism and the Idea of Leadership in Abubakar Gimba’a Innocent Victims and Footprints

Published: March 2019

AuthorIdris Muhammad Ladan

About Author: Department of English, Nasarawa State University, Keffi

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Nigeria’s quest for independence is to release itself from the shackles of colonialism and its attendant evils. This paper examines the quest for self rule and its aftermath, the problems that surrounded the new generation of Nigerian leaders (black elite) vide leadership failure characterised by corruption, students demonstrations, misuse of power, retardation, stagnation, lack of focus, etc as orchestrated by visionless leadership that bedevilled the nation. It further explores the role of fictional characters and various institutions in saving the nation. It equally reveals how bad and corrupt leaders overuse their power at the expense of the led to derail any positive measure for good leadership and governance. The paper further advocates the entrenchment of visionary leaders in the country whose sole interest and concern would be to establish an effective leadership and governance structure that can benefit the generality of country’s citizens.

Key Words: Ideology, Supremacy, Leadership, Corruption, Governance and Development