Spoken French Evaluation of National Diploma II Secretarial Studies Students of Selected Polytechnics in Nigeria

Published: March 2019

AuthorIfy Marinze

About Author: Department of European Languages and Integration Studies, University of Lagos

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This study ‘Spoken French Evaluation of National Diploma II Secretarial Studies Students of Selected Polytechnics in Nigeria’ is an attempt at reversing the cheerless trend in the Nigerian students’ achievement in French. Specifically, the primary objectives were to evaluate the present level of ND II secretarial studies students as potential secretaries and integral members of any organization from the standpoints of communication and human relations and, in the light of the findings, to make recommendations for improvement in the teaching and learning of the French Language in Nigerian Polytechnics. Theoretical Framework is a blend of Roman Jakobson’s Theory of Communication model 1960, B.F. Skinner’s Theory of Behaviorism and Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory 1977. Data was generated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Federal Polytechnic Owerri and Yaba College of Technology.286 volunteered students were used in the exercises that yielded the data. Methodology adopted was random sampling technique which was used in the Listening Comprehension and Oral Interview selections. The questionnaire approach was also adopted and was administered on the students and the teachers. The data was analyzed by simple percentages following the Oral Rating Scale from the Nigeria French Language Village 2015 and that of GOSSELIN Laura 2011. An earlier Pilot Study had been carried out at the Lagos State Polytechnic confirming reliability of research instruments. The result therefore provides a spring board for this present study.  Findings revealed students’ inability to make full sentences, insufficiency of French teachers, overcrowded classes, lack of standard syllabus, lack of teaching aids and the absence of motivation for learners and teachers alike. The study recommends sustainability of French Language in the polytechnics, French for specific purpose with immersion programs for the development of the language for greater personal, institutional and national benefits.

Keywords: Evaluation, national diploma, polytechnic, secretarial studies, Spoken French                    competence.