Socio-Political Satire in Femi Osofisan’s Midnight Hotel

Published: September 2019

Author:  Toyin Shittu

About Author: Department of Languages (English Unit). Al- Hikmah University, Ilorin

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The tumultuous socio political environments across the world necessitate varying forms of intervention from writers in the genres of literature. Playwrights, dramatists and theatre artists deploy their creative ingenuity to question anomalies in the social and political sectors of their countries. This is borne out of their understanding that literary enterprise is a call to serve humanity through scrutiny of identified practices and ridiculing the inappropriate conducts in the society. Femi Osofisan’s attempt to subject his society to criticism in his play Midnight Hotel is examined in this paper with emphasis on the deployment of humour to ridicule certain vices in the Nigerian society and the study finds out that humour in the play are meant to criticise persons and institutions in the Nigerian society with the aim of agitating for social change.  The paper adopts John Meyer’s classification of humour as a theoretical framework.

Key Words: corruption, ridicule, politics, Nigeria, society, humour