So Long a Letter: A Feminism that is not

Published: September 2019

AuthorsAudee T.Giwa & Mujtaba Sani Abubakar

About Authors: Department of English and Drama. Kaduna State University, Kaduna

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In earlier African societies, women were known only as stay-home wives. The men, responsible for their families, dominated all the institutions in the society. Thus, policies made in these institutions favour women relatively after favouring the men’s idiosyncrasies. Feminism, a movement that started outside Africa, was adopted by most African women writers. However, while some succeeded in moderating it to fit into the African traditional societies, some failed to incorporate it into their writings. Based on this, the study identifies potholes in Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter as a feminist text.

Key words: feminism, Islam, patriarchy and polygamy.