Published: March, 2020


Sikiru Adeyemi Ogundokun


About Author(s):

Department of French, Faculty of Humanities,

College of Humanities and Culture, Ikire Campus,

Osun State University, Osogbo

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study interrogates relics of colonialism with a view to suggesting ways of promoting regional integration and development. It appears Africans are still suffering from colonial mentality and mental slavery. The more Africans are educated, the more divided they become in the affairs of their countries and regional advancement. The study, therefore, examines some factors that account for disintegration in the sub-Saharan region of the world. With sociological approach and critical textual analysis of purposively selected Francophone African fictions, viz: Bâ ‘s Une si longue lettre, Ousmane’s Les bouts de bois de Dieu, Oyono’s Le vieux nègre et la médaille, Calixthe Beyala’s C’est le soleil qui m’a brûlée, and Sow Fall ‘s La grève des bàttu; the study argues that upholding the use of African indigenous languages, promoting cultural tourism, migration, sustaining African community life style and encouraging cross-border marriages will ensure intercultural and regional integration. The study concludes that Africans need cultural reorientation to re-establish core value systems, which guarantee societal growth, development and sustainability. The study contributes to knowledge in the area of directing debates and more research activities towards this aspect of human life and existence. It also helps policy makers and curriculum planners to make adequate provisions for intercultural studies and regional integration.

Keywords: Relics, colonialism, Francophone African fictions, cultural integration