Published: MARCH 2021

Author(s): Chris K. Ukande, Carmel A. Igba-Luga & Sarah Shittu

About Author(s):

Department of English,

Benue State University, Makurdi – Nigeria

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As far as the human society is concerned, humans, from time immemorial aspire to be engaged in activities that warrant his political occupation of offices that gives him the right to lead other fellow humans. This behaviour of man, makes him to be known and regarded as a political animal in all human societies. Bet this as it may, man is totally involved in all the actions or inactions that constitute the making of a government and its attendant positive or negative effects. In the light of this, therefore, this study examines Wale Okediran’s Tenants of the House in line with the obnoxious and obscure activities that characterise politics and political drama in Nigeria. The paper does this through the lens of trauma theory. The paper uses qualitative research methodology. The findings of the study show that Okediran through fiction, depicts the true nature of Nigerian politics on the one hand, and on the other hand, the corruptible tendencies, practices and calculations that are inherent in it. The paper concludes therefore that, Nigeria cannot and will not experience any atmosphere of peace and tranquillity unless the powers that be, learn to play politics in a manner that will benefit and take care of the needs of the generality of the people. By the time this happens, politics will become a game played by the people, for the people and for the betterment of all, irrespective of religion, region and tribe.

Keywords: Peace, Politics, Tranquillity, Trauma, and Vision