Morphological Errors in the Essay of Students of English as a Second Language


Published: June 2019

Author:  Anyanjor, Tina A

About Author: Language Unit. School of General Studies, Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo.

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The English language poses as an influential language among other Nigerian languages. It is a language of communication, exchange, industry and commerce, among other uses. Its existence demonstrates estimable yardstick for measuring academic success and status. Low mastery of the English language among the students describes imperfection on the side of the students using it as a means of communication. This study investigates the morphological errors committed by the first year undergraduate students of Imo State University, Owerri, who are learning the English language as a field of study, and the reasons for these errors. The theoretical adaptation for this paper is based on Dulay and Burt’s (1973) comparison on error of three groups of learners. The students’ composition exercises serve as the data for this work. The findings reveal the students’ inconsistency in the application of some morphological rules. Although they learn the English language, they have no concrete knowledge of morphology. It is therefore, recommended that teachers of the English language should pay more attention to the teaching of morphology as in the other components of the English language.

Keywords: English language, students, morphology, morphological rule, error.