Information Communication Technology: A Medium for Transforming Early Childhood Care and Education in Nigeria

Published: January 2020

Author(s): Ojinuka Ngozi Helen & Blaise-Okezie, Ugochi V.

About Author(s):

English Unit, School of General Studies. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

Abia State, Nigeria

Department of Early Childhood Care and Education Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri

Imo State, Nigeria

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In recent years, the impact of information communication technology (ICT) on virtually every sector has been enormous. The entrance of ICT has basically affected all aspects of human endeavor; government, business, education etc. Prior to this period, the quality of education to a large extend has traditionally been associated with teachers having high degrees. However, there is a growing recognition of the many different ways that information communication technology (ICT) can contribute to the quality of education; especially in Early Childhood Care and Education. The use of computer technology in teaching and learning in the preprimary and the primary schools is gaining much ground most especially in the private schools in Nigeria. This has led to the preference for these private schools over the government public schools. However, the extent to which ICT is deployed in these private schools and how much it has impacted on the development of early childhood education (ECCE) in Nigeria is yet to be dully ascertained. Hence, the need for practitioners to have early childhood education guidance and opportunities to become capable, competent, and informed about the educational roles and potential of ICT in early childhood education practice. This paper examines the role which information communication technology plays in the transformation of early childhood education in Nigeria, its benefits and the concomitant emerging trends.


Keywords: Early childhood care, education, ICT, teaching, learning.