Historical Realities in Selected Works of Leila Sebbar

Published: March 2019

AuthorUgwumba Akudo Ogechi

About Author: The Nigeria French Language Village Badagry

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Historical realities such as political wars and colonisation are recurrent themes in Sebbar’s narratives. Previous studies on her writings have dwelt largely on the analysis of these themes, with less attention paid to the dynamics of her portrayal of such themes. This study has attempted using the  postcolonial theory, to answer questions on the position of Leïla Sebbar as a historical realist writer of the post colonial era with a view to depicting her perspective on the Algerian historical realities. This has been done through the analysis of the Algerian historical realities in four of her novels: La Jeune Fille au Balcon, Fatima ou les Algériennes au Square, La Seine Etait Rouge and Mon Cher Fils. The four narratives of course were chosen purposively. This study has also generated further questions on how colonisation and western education influence people from an area that has been through colonisation especially the young ones who did not even witness the colonial period, this is the case as seen with the new generations of Algerians.

Keywords : Leïla Sebbar, Historical realities, Post colonial, Maghrebian literature.