Gender Inequality: The Effect on National Development

Published: June 2019

AuthorsNnamdi-Chukwu Chinyere & Ojinuka Ngozi Helen

About Authors: School of General Studies, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture. Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria.

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Gender discrimination in developing world is an unfortunate reality. It reflects and manifests in various dimensions despite the fact that women play a vital role in the development of any nation. Nigerian women, like their counterparts around the world face a lot of discrimination that limits their opportunities to develop their full potentials and impact their world positively. The paper seeks to re-emphasis the need for gender equity in all spheres of life; the need to empower women with liberty to function uninhibited in various affairs of life, this will enhance their productivity in all field and ultimately reflect positively in national development. The feminist conflict theory was adopted. The paper suggests among other things favorable government policy that promote social and economic equality between women and men as this will ensure rapid progress and development of the nation.

Keywords: discrimination, equality, gender, national development