Exploring French Language Studies for an Effective Conflict Resolution between Nigeria and her Francophone Neighbours

Published: June 2019

AuthorsOffor, Ngozika Ogechukwu & Oguchi Uzoamaka Tessy

About Authors: Department of French, Federal College of Education, Kontagora, Niger State. Department of French, College of Education, Zing, Taraba State

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Language particularly the human language has remained the chief means of communication within the various human enclaves. It is therefore an indispensable tool that has been explored in various ways by man in order to meet his needs, attain his goals and aspirations as well resolve his conflicts. However, because human languages vary from one social enclave to another, language barrier remains a major factor that has hampered effective relations between individuals, communities and nation states. Hence, the need for language studies cannot be overemphasised. This study therefore seeks to examine ways of exploring language studies particularly French language for more enhanced relations and effective conflict resolutions between Nigeria and her francophone neighbours considering her geopolitical location. Thus, this paper is explored from the pragmatics perspective to the study of language in order to properly examine the subject. The inferential model of the linguistic communication study is specifically adopted. Suggested ways of exploring French Languages studies for an effective conflict resolution between Nigeria and her francophone neighbours include the reviewing of the Nigerian Education Policy on Language Studies by making French language a mandatory subject at all levels in all formal institutions of learning and formation. The restructuring of the French language studies curriculum at various levels to include topics such as the use of language skills in critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution. This way Nigeria and her francophone neighbours will have an enhanced relations devoid of suspicion, thus will be able to resolve conflicts more effectively without any language barrier.

Keywords: Communication, Conflict, Conflicts Resolution, Francophone Neighbours, French Language,

Language Studies