Examining and Improving Operative Reading Techniques for Academic Intellectualism: A New Perspective

Published: September 2019

Authors:  Azan, Baba James & Idris Ladan

About Authors: Department of English. Nasarawa State University, Keffi

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In the face of new modes of knowledge production that are shaping and re-shaping how lecturers and students read and what they read, reading is a matter of a serious concern. Reading is the key to academic success for all academicians. It is an essential tool required by lecturers and students to achieve their academic goals. However, operative reading is a herculean task. It requires a lot of attention and commitment for operative comprehension to be achieved. This articles looks at how to improve operative reading techniques among students and lecturers of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. Attempt is made to look into nature and techniques of reading for academic intellectualities. The techniques that can help to examine the reading strategies of advanced students are also examined for the importance.

Keywords: Examining, Improving, Operative, Reading, Intellectualism.