Ecocriticism: A Tale of Distress and Agonies in Ogaga Ifowodo’s Oil Lamp

Published: September 2019

AuthorAlabere  Hanafi Monsur

About Author: Department of English and Communication. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin

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Deforestation and pollution at all levels are parts of the core factors militating against the changing nature of the world climate. However, there have been series of uproars by writers nationally and internationally as regards the need to preserve nature and its inhabitants such as man, animal and plants. Deforestation results to wildlife extinction increase in global warming and climate imbalance while air and land pollutions cause environmental degradation which have heightened the health risk of  people. The crux of this paper is to expose the ecological degradation of Niger-Delta region with a view to analysing Ogaga Ifowodo’s Oil Lamp.  Ifowodo in the text pictures Niger-Delta landscape and its inhabitants by investing it with symbols that are often intended to pose social questions. The unhappy shift represented in symbol of landscape and its people falling in ruins can be traced to the absence of vision in governance. Ifowodo indicates a violent history of multinational exploitation helped by the military which further upset clash in the region.


Keywords: Ecoriticism, Ecocritic, Ecowriting, Niger-Delta, Oil Lamp, Deforestation, Militants, Nigerian

government, Environmental /Ecological studies, Eco-suicide