Published: MARCH 2021

Author(s): Maria Mbursa, Amina Salisu Aliyu & Abubakar H. Julde

About Author(s):

Department of English and Literary Studies,

Faculty of Arts, University of Maiduguri


Department of General Studies

Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries

Technology, Baga.

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The present paper focuses on the cognitive analysis of SWEET and SOUR in one of the female African novels known as the Travails of a First Wife. To do that, the current paper used Kövecses (2017) Cognitive Metaphor Theory (henceforth, CMT) to analyze both the target and source domains based on two levels of conceptualizations (SWEET and SOUR) a concept that is adopted from (Lakoff and Johnson, 1980). The two groups of conceptualization include the metaphor based on NATURE, LIQUID in a VESSEL, and the human DAILY ACTIVITIES to indicate emotion is found after the analysis. The present study also focuses on the cognitive identification of metaphorical similarities of emotion and found out that both SWEET and SOUR emotions could share the same conceptual domain. The findings reveal that there are relatively few differences and more similar conceptualization of the emotion metaphor in the novel. Whereas, SWEET and SOUR emotion interface with our conventional knowledge, and cultural understanding, which indicates metaphors of emotion are motivated based on the cognitive system. The present study will complement and promote the widespread notion that metaphor is universal.

Keywords: Emotion Metaphor, sweet and sour, conceptualization, convention, culture