Causes of Students’ Poor Performance in Oral English: A Study of Selected Secondary Schools in Imo State

Published: September 2019

Author: Uwadiegwu, Chinedozi U. I.

About Author: Department of English and Literary Studies,  Faculty of Humanities, Imo State University, Owerri.

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Oral competence in English in Nigeria among learners and teachers of English has not been an easy task over the years irrespective of the various efforts made to achieve this. The researcher used the intermediary education group to investigate how best to ameliorate this problem. Three secondary schools were randomly chosen from Imo State based on the three bodies that run the educational system with a population of four hundred and sixty students. Twenty structured questions were administered on two hundred and thirty students 50% and above were accepted as factors that affect students’ oral competence. The findings revealed that unequal number of phonemes of English to the letters of the alphabet and non-definiteness in the study of segmental and non-segmental phonemes, lack of instructional materials and experts in phonology militate against students’ oral performance at secondary school level. Useful recommendations were made at the end of the research.

Keywords: oral competence, phonemes, speech competence, segmental non-segmental Learners