Assessment of Interruption and Overlapping among Igbo and Sesotho people in Intercultural Discourse

Published: June 2019

AuthorIdeh Amaka Edith

About Author: Department of Linguistics Studies. University Of Benin

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This study investigates the discourse style – interruption between the Igbo and the Sesotho residing in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The study was motivated by the way in which people from different linguistic background engage in interactions and observable differences in accent, interpretation of meanings and misunderstanding, code-switching, competition for the floor based on individual linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This study explores interruption and overlapping among the Igbo and Sesotho in interactions. The theoretical framework employed is that of conversational analysis as established by Garfinkel (1967), and developed by Sachs, Schegloff and Jefferson (1974). The data for the study was collected through recordings of interactions in different contexts (shop, hospital, church, home and among friends). The results from the study show that during the intercultural communication between the Igbo and the Sesotho people, interruptions and overlapping are not determined by age, educational background, gender, but by the relationships between the interactants, and the context of the interaction.

Keywords: Conversation analysis, turn-taking, interaction, interruption, and overlapping.