A study on the system of theme in Igbo: Systemic functional grammar perspective

Published: March 2019

AuthorEjiofor, Eugene Uchechukwu

About Author: Department of Linguistics and Nigeria Languages, Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil Kano State

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This paper studies the system of Theme in Igbo. Participatory observation, compilation of Igbo clauses and lifting of Igbo grammatical structures in peer reviewed publications are methods used for data collection. The theoretical framework used for the analysis of data is the Halliday’s Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG) as revised by Matthiessen (2014). The study is motivated by a desire to enquire into the methodological implication(s) of the application of the Systemic Functional Grammar concept of Theme in Igbo. It is observed that the application of the system of Theme in Igbo has some peculiarities. The study consequently makes some propositions on Theme in Igbo based on the observed peculiarities. The study contributes to upholding the proposition that the system of Theme is applicable to different languages of the world, and calls for more applications of the concept in Igbo to affirm or otherwise of the given propositions.

Keywords: Theme in Igbo, SFG in Igbo, Functional Linguistics in Igbo