A Marxist Study of Ogaga Ifowodo’s Madiba

Published: SEPTEMBER 2021


Alabere Hanafi Monsur & Aisha Issa


About Author(s):

Department of English and Communication

Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin

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Poetry is no doubt one of the indigenous art forms of the African people and African poets substantiate their poetry with the indigenous art forms of their people. Some even use these oral art forms as vehicles for paying tribute to the heroic deeds of personalities. The purpose of this study was to foreground the relationship between oral tradition and African poetry as vehicle for socio-aesthetic vision. The marxist approach was adopted as a theoretical framework. Ogaga Ifowodo’s collection, Madiba was selected for analysis. Part of the findings of this study is that tribute poetry is a functional aspect of African traditional archive used to restore cultural expectations and fulfillment. It is also a literary avenue for enhancing individual manpower within social dictations rules and regulations. From the analysis of the selected tribute poetry, one can deduce and reconstruct the sociological content and credentials of the apartheid South Africa.

Key Words: Tribute Poetry, Marxist Theory, African Poetry, Praise, Oral Art, South Africa, Madiba.