A Feminine Reading of Eveline Mankou’s L’instinct De Survie (Survival Instinct)

Published: September 2019

AuthorOjiebun, G.O.

About Author: Tayo Akpata University of Education, Ekiadolor- Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

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Eveline Mankuo’s L’instinct de survie (Survival instinct) questions the place of an African woman in a patriarchal society vise à vise the African culture, traditions and superstitions. This article suggests that the portrait of the African woman can be redesigned,  an advocacy of women’s right and privileges on the ground of equality of the sexes (feminine). The paper carefully examines the tenets of feminism with the view of making the voice of the African woman to be heard in a society where the males are seen as the subject and women as the object; and the trauma most African women go through due to repression from male dominance. This article is intended to situate the African woman’s worth and works for the emancipation of women and an end to women’s subjectivity.          
Keywords: Feminism, object, subject.