A Dichotomy Analysis of Elision in Standard French and Yoruba Languages

Published: September 2019

Author: Olubunmi Oyebola ALAJE

About Author: Osun State University, Osogbo – Nigeria. Faculty of Humanities. Department of French

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Unlike English, French and Yoruba languages share some common linguistic features and are closer in structure, morphology and culture. Existing studies have attempted the convergence and divergence nature of French and Yoruba languages in lexis, grammatical structure and culture with little attention paid to their phonetic and orthographic composition. Anchored on Transformational Generative Grammar, this study however, examines the transformation of elision in French and Yoruba languages with a view to identifying the point of divergence in the process of elision in the two languages. This paper concludes that though all languages have certain fundamental things in common, no two languages can share exactly the same qualities in structural, morphological and phonological composition no matter how close they may be.

Keywords:  Phonetics and Phonology of French, Sound Pattern in Yoruba language, Elision in French and Yoruba language, Language and multilingualism.